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Our customized wireless solutions let you do more

Improve customer retention

Make it easy for users to connect to your network, while capturing relevant information about their usage habits and preferences. Use this knowledge to automate communications targeted to their interests. Post-visit surveys, social media interactions, event reminders. Don't be anonymous to your users.

Take advantage of new income opportunities

Monetize your network with an integrated marketing platform. Increase user frequency with targeted, automated email and SMS campaigns. Take advantage of personalized login pages to promote your products and services or offer paid advertising space to your partners.

Simplify network management and maintenance

Reduce the labor involved in monitoring and maintaining your network with an integrated management platform in the cloud or on site. Benefit from secure end-to-end network control.



Build customer loyalty and increase your revenues

Our integrated marketing platform enables you to collect crucial data on your users’ habits and preferences. Use this data to launch targeted e-mail or SMS campaigns, or offer paid advertising space to your partners, all from our simple, easy-to-use platform.

customized solutions

You take charge of what you want

Our flexible solutions allow you to combine options to suit your needs.

Management in the cloud or on site

Save on management and maintenance costs

Thanks to our integrated management platform in the cloud or on site, you are in control of your network. Display and execute a complete suite of functions in real time. Optimize system availability, maximize throughput to meet your users’ needs. All this with fewer resources for greater savings!

Cutting-edge technologies

You benefit from a reliable, long-lasting network

Deliver a first-class wireless experience with minimal resources. We offer a range of wireless solutions that will enable you to deploy a reliable and durable public wireless network – a network that simply works! Our technologies deliver exceptional user experiences, allowing you to focus on your business and applications rather than your wireless network.

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